Mechanical Seals & Support Systems

Welcome to AESSEAL® : A specialist in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals and support systems.
Our Mechanical Seals are used in a wide range of pumps and rotating equipment worldwide to prevent liquids and gases escaping into the environment. We manufacture mechanical seal types to suit all industries and our investment in modular design means that we provide the best on-time delivery performance in the industry.

The AESSEAL®  range of seals, seal support systems and bearing protectors are all designed to improve pump reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Our business its built around giving our customers such exceptional service that they need never consider alternative sources of supply.

AESSEAL® operates from 230 locations in 104 countries, including 9 manufacturing and 58 repair locations, and has more than 300 customer service representatives who visit industrial plants every day.

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Valve Live-Loading Systems from AESSEAL

Valve live-loading systems are complicated. Most require the use of torque-meausring tools, and most incorporate a disc spring stack that is often too long for the available bolt l...

Water-tight solutions

Faulty and incorrectly installed seals are among the most common causes of premature submersible pump failures. AESSEAL has developed one of the most comprehensive component seal p...


Pump lubrication is often times met with great challenges, as the pumps are repeatedly exposed to dusty and wet environments. Matters are further complicated when these pumps are e...

Effective Design Combined with Optimum Machining

AESSEAL holds the world’s most comprehensive standard industry portfolio of mechanical seals, bearing protection, seal support systems and packing.