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Belzona Coats 32” Vertical Turbine Pump

The end user customer ordered two brand new 32” Vertical Turbine pumps from APE Pumps to be installed in mine dewatering applications. These pumps are used to stop the acid water from the dormant mine shafts escaping to the surface. The water is pumped with these pumps to water clarification plants where it is filtered and cleaned. The main problem that the customer was experiencing was...- Read More

Belzona 1111 Cold Bonding Case Study

Cold bonding can be described as the joining of two parts or materials without the use of heat. Traditional bonding techniques such as welding use high temperatures generated by an electric arc or the burning of gasses to ‘melt’ the materials so that they fuse into one. Cold bonding is achieved with the use of an adhesive that forms a bond between the two materials. Belzona cold curing...- Read More

Case Study: Sasol Polymers (PVC Plant-Vinyl’s)

In 2009 we were given the opportunity to suggest a mechanical seal for an agitator/mixer on Sasol Polymers. The problem the client had at the time was the MTBF, installation of the mechanical seal and the tedious measurement and testing problems. AES suggested a “one of a kind/unique” cartridge design back to back arrangement mechanical seal to eliminate these problems....- Read More