Water & Waste Water

When the operation of leak-free rotating equipment is under consideration, a cost-effective solution to gland sealing must be considered and AESSEAL® has sealing technology solutions, with proven-reliability, for each stage of the process.

The treatment and disposal of waste water and sewage, and the production of quality drinking water, have never before been so much in the public eye. The extraction of contaminants and the return of clean, high-quality water to our rivers and waterways, and the filtration and purification of water, are of paramount importance.

The installation of reliable, leak-free equipment can contain products and prevent unnecessary leakage of unwanted contaminants. These contaminants may cause, at best, housekeeping and clean-up problems and increased costs – and at worst, pollution in their own right.

Waste Domestic

As the world faces population growth, particularly in developing countries, domestic waste processing facilities face increasing demand.  Using liberal volumes of seal water flush (plan 32) is inefficient and costly.

AESSEAL® has proven technology to meet the growing global demand in this industry by eliminating costly seal flush water.

Waste Industrial

Industrial processes produce a range of different waste materials. This can often be in the form of effluent. All these materials must be processed in an environmentally conscious process either onsite or by local waste processors.

AESSEAL® has proven technology to take care of these challenges and increase equipment reliability.

Water Treatment

The removal of contaminants from waste water can take many forms. The contaminants themselves may be varied in source and concentrations, ranging from sewage and land drainage to industrial effluents.

AESSEAL® has sealing solutions to enhance uptime at each stage of the treatment process, from pumping station submersible pumps and sludge systems through to supernatant water systems. Our modular technology makes seal selection for specific pump types easy and also allows rapid delivery.

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