Pump lubrication is often times met with great challenges, as the pumps are repeatedly exposed to dusty and wet environments. Matters are further complicated when these pumps are exposed to other elements which brings a proportion of contamination into the mix as well. Trico’s oiling system solution is designed to specifically address these challenges and is suitable in any pump application. Keeping the lubrication in proper condition and in place at the right level can have a significant impact on oil change frequency and efficiency of the pumps. Pumps with proper lubrication can run twice as long between lubrication changes – an excellent way of preventing downtime on site.

Trico provides the following pump lubrication products

Desiccant Breathers

This is a unique particle filtration and water removal system. They prevent destructive contaminants from entering industrial equipment as air is breathed in and out due to thermal expansion or fluid level changes. An excellent feature is the visual indication of the silica for replacement, which turns from orange to dark green.

By allowing clean, dry air into industrial equipment, the Watchdog Desiccant Breathers prolong fluid life, reduce abrasive wear, downtime, and repair costs.

Constant Level Oilers

Constant level oilers are designed to maintain a predetermined oil level in a sump, which is necessary for proper lubrication. If the oil level drops below a certain point, the depleted oil automatically self-levels based on the lubricator’s volume.

The Opto-Matic oiler system is made up of user serviceable parts, this increases cost efficiencies over time. Having serviceable products are important, as it assists with the reduction of maintenance budgets, and higher demands of effective spending.

Customer Stamp of Approval

AESSEAL have had countless positive reactions from various customers regarding the installation and use of Trico.

One such customer reported that since the introduction of the Closed Oil Lube System, the Trico Watchdog constant leveller and the 3D sight glass, a major decrease in bearing failures were seen. Before, 90% of their equipment failure was due to bearing lubricant contamination.