Our focus isn’t just on the rapid, cost-effective delivery of new and replacement parts – it’s equally fixed on delivering long-term reliability solutions that exceed even the highest customer expectations.

We don’t see ourselves as a supplier but as a business partner, working alongside customers to deliver added value throughout the supply chain and beyond.

We offer inventory management, engineer call-out, training, water-saving audits and a competitor repair/ replacement program, as well as a range of reliability services through our customer collaboration site-service program.

Our philosophy is simple: we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver, wherever and whenever it’s needed. Our aim is to consistently exceed expectation and meet even the most complex briefs and challenging lead times. Through continuous investment, unique modular technology and an unparalleled dedication to customer service we aim to constantly exceed expectation.

SHEQ Certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

SHEQ Certification ISO 29001

AESSEAL (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce that they have broadened their business offering by entering into a new and exciting Channel Partnership with South African Compensators (Pty) Ltd.  SA Compensators have been manufacturing and supplying expansion joints since 1971, with their manufacturing facilities situated in Heidelberg, South Africa.

Contact any of our branches to obtain more information regarding our service and product offerings:

Secunda: 017 631 1441

Johannesburg: 011 466 6500

Durban: 031 903 5438

Cape Town: 021 557 2464

Port Elizabeth: 082 462 1256

Richards Bay: 035 751 1356

Sasolburg: 016 971 2446

AESSEAL® engineers perform an on-site survey to ascertain the current condition of your rotating equipment and create a base from which reliability improvements can be tracked.

Once collected, this data can then be uploaded into the Asset Health Management section of our software suite as the first step towards effective contract management.

Our experts will collaborate with you continually to analyze the data, helping you enhance the reliability and uptime of your entire site.

Please contact your local AESSEAL® representative for further details.

Developing contracts in partnership with customers is a key part of our outstanding customer support. Through effective contract management we help our customers to seal their applications more effectively, increasing reliability and lowering costs.

There are three key elements to our effective contract management:

  • Site Survey – we assess the customer’s site, stores situation and needs
  • Software suite – we install purpose-built tools to enable rapid seal selection based on the application and introduce AESSEAL® Asset Health Management to monitor and assess performance
  • Reliability improvement – by collaborating with the customer we manage product application, set implementation protocol and deliver high-quality training

The majority of our contract management service is delivered in the field, supported by a team of professionals at our headquarters encompassing application, design and commercial elements to ensure that we constantly exceed expectation.

Reliability-focussed training for mechanical maintenance, purchasing and engineering personnel.

AESSEAL® provide essential mechanical seal, seal support system and centrifugal pumps training for your team.

Qualify Your Knowledge and Develop Your Team

Get the knowledge you need to progress within your plant, solve equipment problems, and work more effectively with mechanical seals, centrifugal pumps and bearings. We take training seriously – the primary objective being to enhance mean time between failure in order to reduce costs, improve the sustainability of your plant and allow you to focus on other pressing business issues.

Essential mechanical seal, seal support system and centrifugal pump knowledge to help you advance and improve equipment reliability.

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Improving Pump Reliability

Improving pump reliability is essential to all organisations that want to reduce operational costs and increase profitability.

One of the first areas to show failure in a pumping system is the mechanical seal. However in the majority of cases this is an indication that there is an issue somewhere else in the pumping system.

How to Improve Pump Reliability

To help maintenance and engineering professionals to identify these issues and improve their pump reliability, we have produced a series of 5 pump reliability videos. These videos aim to equip the viewer with a range of troubleshooting techniques that will help identify the factors that can cause poor pump reliability before they cause failure and downtime.

The videos cover the following topics:

  • What a mechanical seal needs for a long life
  • How oversized pumps can lead to mechanical seal failure
  • How production pressures impact on mechanical seal life
  • How to stop mechanical seals prematurely failing
  • How to reduce your pump downtime

Sign up today at the following address, and see how you can improve your pump reliability.

Watch the Pump Reliability Video Series

An extensive database of our experience across all industries, the AESSEAL® software suite is an invaluable resource for selecting and monitoring sealing technology.

By implementing our bespoke Asset Health Management we give our customers the tools to easily improve equipment reliability.

Within the database there is extensive information on the compatibility of different chemicals with metallurgies, products and barrier fluids. The software suite covers millions of possible permutations, representing decades of industry experience, but is designed to be simple to operate, enabling you to obtain accurate technical information quickly and easily.


The software suite can also be used to determine the correct seal support system for different applications with the simple input of a few operational parameters.

Please contact your local AESSEAL® representative to discover how you can obtain access to our unique and informative software suite.

The software suite, coupled with the technical excellence of our products, delivers increased reliability.

We offer a cost-effective, as-new, refurbishment service for virtually any mechanical seal, whether our own or our competitors’ products.

Our as-new refurbishment process restores customers’ seals to their original functionality, saving them the cost of replacement hardware. Available via a global network of service centres, staffed by highly skilled technical specialists, our refurbishment service offers a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to purchasing new seals.

Continuous investment in technical advancement and expert personnel allow our service centres to offer an unrivalled as-new service for practically any variation of mechanical seal. We refurbish both standard and customized seals, including mixer and bellows seals, gas seals and rotary unions. To provide the most comprehensive refurbishment service we not only restore our own products to as-new functionality, but also seals made by our competitors.

Innovative technology and practices such as CAD, CAM, multi-axis CNC machining and knowledge-management systems are used extensively in our refurbishment centres to provide a rapid response service that represents both excellent value and outstanding quality.

AESSEAL® has a global network of over 40 authorized and audited Refurbishment Service Centres, dedicated to repairing not only our own products, but also mechanical seals made by competitors.

Quality and customer service are the highest priority at our refurbishment centres. Our larger facilities are certified to ISO 9001 quality standard, ISO 14001 environmental standard and the OHSAS 18001 health and safety standard as well as Investors in People. Every repair location is staffed by fully-trained, highly-experienced mechanical seal engineers and technicians, and their experience translates into an unmatched quality of service.

Our centres offer a range of industry-leading seal refurbishment services:

  • Emergency Seal Repair Service
  • Condition reporting and seal failure analysis to provide evidence of potential process or equipment problems
  • Refurbishment of virtually all mechanical seal variants, including those manufactured by competitors
  • Technical upgrades, re-engineering and improvement on existing designs (including retrofitting new internals)
  • Provision of replacement wear-parts, including wear-parts for competitors’ seals
  • Pressure testing to specific requirements, including API 682
  • Replacement soft faces (AESSEAL® Policy is to never re-lap Carbon faces)
  • Replacement hard faces in Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide
  • Provision of wear-parts and bespoke components in exotic alloys such as Alloy 20, Alloy 276, Titanium, Ferralium, Inconel and more
  • Diamond grinding facilities for hard face materials
  • Specialist coating service including Chrome-Oxide, HVOF and stainless steels
  • Diamond lapping facilities to enable the lapping of faces to within 2 helium light bands
  • Manufacture of PTFE components in variants such as pure, glass-filled and carbon-filled.
  • Precise measurement of wear-parts using co-ordinate measuring machines and other methods
  • Service exchange (where applicable)
  • Unique product serial number ensuring full traceability throughout the service of every seal

AESSEAL’s mechanical seal refurbishment aims to extend the life cycle for both AESSEAL and competitors’ products, helping to protect the environment while saving money.

Our refurbishment process is designed to ensure that the correct repairs are identified and executed to the highest standards, ensuring an extended seal life-cycle.

Book In, Disassemble and Decontaminate

Seals are booked on to our integrated administration system to ensure accurate scheduling, reporting and traceability throughout the refurbishment process. They are then decontaminated and carefully disassembled.


The assessment process is designed to determine which components require refurbishment. This process also determines the construction materials and requires a thorough understanding of seal construction, operation and application.

Condition Reporting

Some of our larger service centres offer a condition reporting service – a mechanical seal can often fail due to process problems. A condition report can help site maintenance personnel to pinpoint issues and improve process up-time. Reports can include photographic evidence, PMI identification, wear or damage data for key components.

Commercial Assessment

Our commercial assessment takes into account the source of supply, cost and lead-time, to generate an electronic quotation.

Reverse Engineering

Components requiring replacement are subjected to detailed measurement, using a combination of methods including co-ordinate measuring technology. This is subsequently assessed by an Engineering Draughtsman to produce a 3D model.


Components requiring re-manufacture are modelled using state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design. If required, Finite Element Analysis can be undertaken.

Our comprehensive investment in inventory and machinery enables manufacture and refurbishment of components from a range of materials including standard and exotic metals, plastics, PTFE and carbon.

Assembly and Test

Once assembled, the refurbished seal is pressure-tested in line with corporate standards or as per specific instructions.

AESSEAL provides a comprehensive dry gas seal refurbishment program, for AESSEAL and non-AESSEAL designs.

Service options include:

  • Test regime to API 617 (dynamic tests use dedicated test equipment)
  • Refurbishment lead times in less than 8 weeks Computerized face analysis
  • Polymer or ‘O’ Ring secondary seal designs
  • Full certification pack including video test surveillance
  • Post-test inspection reports
  • Refurbishment of all types of groove profiles

Improving reliability is essential, and while this process starts with innovative design this is only one element in the effort to improve uptime and reduce costs.

Product Development

We ensure that we are at the forefront of technological development through industry-leading R&D investment. As well as innovative new sealing solutions we also offer industry-leading bearing protection and environmental control systems to help our customers improve reliability

Application Development

Decades of experience and a team of expert engineers means that we understand industrial processes and how best to apply our products

Reliability Management

Through site visits and condition monitoring we can identify plant-specific issues and improve operating efficiency


We hold reliability seminars where we share our ideas, and those of other reliability professionals, with our customers to promote best practice and effective strategies for reliability improvement.

We are fully engaged with our customers in all industry sectors, providing customized reliability programs to improve both performance and mean-time-between failure for your specific application.

Please click here to view the pdf on “Improving Rotating Equipment Reliability with Innovative Solutions”


ATEX Machinery Element

The ATEX Machinery Element System provides an enhanced service to engineers, OEMs and end-users. It is a comprehensive guide to assessing mechanical seals against ATEX requirements, resulting in compliance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

Most mechanical seals are classified as Machinery Elements, parts of machinery which do not fall within the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC; mechanical seals can be self-assessed and certified as part of the equipment. For more information please see the ESA ATEX Position Statement and EC ATEX Committee page.

AESSEAL® provides the necessary support to engineers, OEMs and end-users to attain the required ATEX compliance level for mechanical seals.

The AESSEAL® Addendum, together with the Application Limits sheet for the seal type and a comprehensive Worksheet Booklet, provide all necessary information for the user to determine whether the seal is suitable for a particular ATEX application.

Copies of these documents can be obtained by email from  please state the type of seal being considered.


The use of materials in ATEX zoned areas is subject to stringent restrictions and requirements stipulated in BS EN 13463-1:2009. Mechanical seals containing light metal alloy parts and non-conductive ceramics or coatings must not be incorporated into rotating equipment classified as Group II, Category 2 or 3 in potentially explosive atmospheres without approval by AES Technical Department.

If required AESSEAL® Technical Dept can provide material selection advice, and will evaluate an Atex application if provided with full application information and the Atex specification for the plant area (e.g. EX II 2G IIC c T3).

ATEX Evaluation

If required, our technical department can evaluate an ATEX application, provided we have full application information and the ATEX specification for the plant area (e.g. EX II 2G IIC c T3).

For more information please contact our technical department or sales team, or contact us by email at

ATEX Certification

AESSEAL® can provide:

  • ATEX Certified mechanical seals for Group II Equipment, Categories 2 & 3.
  • ATEX Certification for MMVI and MMVII mechanical seals for Zone 0 applications. We have a quality procedure in place to ensure compliance with the Harmonized Standards and EC Type Examination Certificate. (Assessed and Certified by SIRA Test & Certification Ltd.)

AESSEAL® may also provide ATEX Certified seals for Zone 0 Applications.

For more information, please contact our technical department or sales team, or email us at

Within AESSEAL® we have a dedicated team providing comprehensive support to our growing list of global OEM customers as well as local teams who deal with local manufacturers.

With a strong and growing Approved Vendor List (AVL) from some of the world’s largest companies, we are confident that with our unique seal and systems designs, ISO, ANSI and API certification, high-quality documentation and fast and efficient service, AESSEAL® will enhance any project tender.

The software suite, coupled with the technical excellence of our products, delivers increased reliability.