Ideal for Applications Where Water is Prone to Freeze in and Around the Seal Support System.

AESSEAL® ICEGUARDTM is ideal for applications where water is prone to freeze in and around the seal support system.

ICEGUARDTM continually senses the temperature of the water inside the seal support system. When the water temperature approaches freezing, and freeze damage is imminent, the thermal actuator valve opens. When the makeup water temperature returns to the safe range, the valve then closes, minimising water loss. The flow generated prevents the liquid inside the system from freezing.

ICEGUARDTM is designed to be:

  • Self automated
  • Installed on the system and ignored
  • Free from electronics
  • Provide 24/7 freeze protection 365 days per year

ICEGUARDTM can be retrofitted to all existing AESSEAL® Water Management Systems and is supplied in two parts:

  • The first protects the closed loop system to and from the mechanical seal from freezing.
  • The second protects the water feed line into the vessel from freezing.

With both installed correctly, the ICEGUARDTM will offer effective freeze protection to the entire seal support system.

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