Conventional Compressor Seal

The CCS™ is a tandem cartridge seal where the inboard seal is designed to seal up to 82 bar (1200 psi), and an outboard seal that acts as a low pressure tandem seal.

The outboard seal is capable of full pressure containment in the event of full seal failure.


  • Ideally suited for retrofitting wet compressor seals and bushings or as a replacement for existing Dry Gas seals
  • Supplied in 410 stainless steel as standard with exotic alloy options on request
  • Available with Silicon Carbide seats as standard. Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Nitride seats available on request. Mating faces available in Carbon and synthetic diamond coated Silicon Carbide
  • ‘O’ ring and spring energized polymer versions available
  • Designs available in single, double, tandem or tandem with intermediate labyrinth, for increased integrity
  • Fully shrouded seats adopted as standard
  • Bi-directional seal designs available

Separation Seals

AESSEAL offers both labyrinth and dual bush non-contacting separation seals, supplied individually or as an integral part of the gas seal cartridge. This device provides a positively pressurised chamber protecting the dry gas seal from potential bearing oil migration and preventing gas ingress to the bearing chamber.