Teams representing the AESSEAL Africa group of companies enjoyed an exceptional 4-day Sales Conference at Sodwana, situated along the KZN coast, from 26 – 29 January 2017. The 2017 Sales Conference was specifically designed to motivate and inspire all teams involved enabling them to leverage off the experiences gained to exceed every expectation of our valued customers.

The conference assisted in providing the teams with the necessary tools and technical expertise to ensure customer needs and requirements are both understood and are met / exceeded. Like-minded individuals, like our sales teams, were given the uninterrupted opportunity to bounce ideas and seek solutions to what are often common problems – “A problem shared is a problem solved”. The final outcome being robust solutions as to how to best go about these mutual problems (and at all times maintain an open, seamless communication medium).

The team also had the opportunity to spend time with industry experts like Ken Crane (Seals Slurry Australia), Dave Blackwell (Belzona) and Chris Carmody (AESSEAL UK, New Seals) to further discuss new business growth opportunities, latest technologies and current industry challenges to be aware of.

The annual sales awards were also held during this time, with congratulations going to the following team members for their excellent service and dedication to AESSEAL.

  • 2016 Representative of the Year – Richard Munro
  • 2016 Representative of the Year, Runner-up – Pieta Engels
  • 2016 Distributor of the Year – Mechanical Rotating Supplies
  • 2016 Belzona Top Salesman of the Year – Arno Nieuwenhuis
  • 2016 Tony Griffin Award – Craig Murray

Apart from all the business discussions at the conference, the team also had great fun building go-karts from scratch! Each team was given the necessary parts to design, engineer and build their go-kart, after which they had to market their “concept vehicle”. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and the go-karts had to then be driven by the bravest / the lightest / the least sensible drivers, who were tasked to endure a fast track race course! Crossing the finish line in one piece, allowed the judges to make the final decision of which go-kart rules! The team-building exercise highlighted the commitment shown by the team, their pledge to the commitment of the cause of service excellence and to work as one team.

A big thank you went to Tony Griffin’s team who assisted with the conference arrangements, including accommodation, logistics and conference packs, which were gratefully received by all.

A special thanks to Sloane Cranko in this regard.