Mining & Minerals

The mining industry presents many application challenges: a scarcity of seal water and high-pressure transport slurry pump applications require innovative solutions.

AESSEAL® mining solutions are designed to handle the most arduous applications.  Our approach is proven on multiple-stage high-pressure tailings pump trains.

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Mineral Extraction

Underground and open pit mines face a range of challenges, from ensuring the safety of workers and the public to competitiveness and economic sustainability.

AESSEAL® has introduced double mechanical seals with seal-support sealing systems in mines. These increase uptime and tackle the problem of reducing water consumption – particularly advantageous in deep mines where water often has to be pumped, at high cost.

Slurry Transport

Traditional methods for sealing transport slurries have limitations. Severe service class duties cause packing wear and higher pressures limit the performance of expellers.

Within the mining industry, most slurries are abrasive, presenting a challenging seal environment. We deal with the most demanding slurries in the mineral processing industry as well as slurry applications found throughout general industrial processes.

Over the years, AESSEAL® has sealed nearly ALL major slurry equipment types and models. Solutions for some of the more commonly encountered manufacturers include Warman, Denver Orion, Goulds and KSB.

Our wide range of seal support systems and bearing protectors complement the mechanical seal range, enabling the supply of total packaged solutions to improve reliability in all slurry applications.

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