The My Maths Buddy One Book One Learner Project was invited by AESSEAL & AESPUMP to deliver its powerful Maths Understanding Project to the Grade 5-6 learners at Maphala Gulube Primary School in Embalenhle recently.

This project addresses a key basic for success, which is ”if you UNDERSTAND something really well, you cannot fail at it!”

The project has been sponsored by AESSEAL & AESPUMP and so far has produced great results.

Learners and teachers are excited about the program and apply what they learn from the workshops. Here is feedback from one of the learners at the school as well as from two Maths teachers. There is a lot more very positive feedback!

“My Maths Buddy helped me to understand Maths very well. My marks are improved because I used My Maths Buddy. I am really thankful.” – Grade 5 learner.

“The learners improvement was noticed, there is an increase in marks of assessment tasks, and the learners have more confidence” – Maths teacher at Maphala Gulube Primary school

“The learners have improved and they are more independent with the My Maths Buddy.” – Maths teacher at Maphala Gulube Primary school

We thank AESSEAL & AESPUMP for providing the opportunity to learners at Maphala Gulube Primary school to succeed in Maths and create a better future!