AESSEAL® is a world leader in sealing technology. To complement this range AESSEAL® also manufactures an extensive range of high quality gland packing. In our opinion, this outstanding range of products and services make AESSEAL® the best choice whatever your seal or packing requirements may be!

The AESSEAL® packing division holds an extensive inventory so customers have no need to do so; probably the highest level of inventory to sales value in the industry, with a strategic inventory turn of over 3 times, in our industry; inventory equals service.

Why consider the AESSEAL® Packing Solution?

Proven Maintenance Costs Reductions

AESSEAL® offers a selected range of gland packing that have been specifically designed and manufactured to reduce plant operational and maintenance costs. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to select the highest quality modern fibre packing in an inter-braided construction and optimised profile to provide the most resilient, long-lasting packing sealing solution.

Maximum Service Life and Resilience

The braiding quality is of prime importance, otherwise it could significantly affect the service life. Packing manufactured using smaller or obsolete braiding machines lacks the strength of real cross-lock construction, because they are more rounded in cross-section and not as dense.

If the packing braid is loose, it is less durable. If round, it requires a greater gland pressure to carry out the sealing process thereby causing higher mechanical stress. As the packing wears out, more and more adjustments are needed to the gland, which in turn causes further mechanical stress on the packing, resulting in reduced life span.

Maximum Packing Life

Along with its construction, size also affects the performance of a packing. Our applied SPC (Statistic Process Control) technology guarantees precision and uniformity.

Too big and the packing will burn, too small and it will require constant adjustment. Packing with inconsistent density and size will never give a controllable seal.

Precision braiding and subsequent treatment ensures an even and parallel surface between the packing rings. SPC guarantees a constant quality with repeatable results, which leads to higher operating reliability and prolonged service life expectancy for the user. Packing that bears the SPC quality seal is under a permanent control throughout the entire production process. This has the advantage that any discrepancy is immediately detected and can be corrected, before it results in size failures or density variations.

AESSEAL® packing has an exceptional level of resilience and conformity of volume. The high quality design and construction requires less pressure on the gland to form the seal, which in turn leads to less wear on the equipment, less maintenance and most importantly, increased packing life. The advanced technological developments of the newer synthetic fibres, together with the braided construction, allow our packing to offer superior performance. Synthetic fibre packing is far more cost effective and greatly reduces operational costs, which are important factors when considering gland packing selection

AESSEAL® Packing Options

Pump Packing

Pump packing is used for high shaft speeds. Pump packing contains specially formulated lubricants to aid equipment start up and ensure packing pliability for a longer life.

We offer corner and running track reinforced Hybrid-Pack®. Typically a minimum of 2 different yarns are combined: e.g. a reinforcing characteristic (as found with Aramid fibres) with yarns containing graphite. The latter improves the heat conductivity. Corner reinforcement is suitable for axial motion machinery such as plunger pumps. A positive side effect is to minimise the risk of gap extrusion.

Valve Packing

Valve packing is generally used in high pressure applications. The packing contains no extractable materials such as oil and remains non-porous even under extreme temperatures. The construction has a fine surface texture making it pliable against the valve stem and is by design very extrusion resistant.

Special Packing

The packing uses fibres and a braiding process specifically developed to suit the application. The formulation of the materials and lubricants is selected to suit the environment in which the packing is used.

AESSTAR Technology

Normal packing deforms, especially when large cross-section packing is wrapped around a small diameter shaft. The AESSTAR range transforms from a keystone into a square shape, providing an even pressure distribution over the entire stuffing box, avoiding leakage along the outer diameter and minimising the wear of both the shaft and the packing. This extends the life of the packing, improves the sealability and gives shorter “run-in” periods.