A world-leading provider of quality mechanical seals

We’re far more than just a supplier of new and replacement parts. Our one overriding aim is to exceed expectation: for delivery, quality, reliability and service.

AESSEAL® products are in demand worldwide, and across all industry sectors. Wherever we supply, the story is the same: our sealing technology delivers increased reliability, demonstrated by improved mean time between failure.

Though we have particular expertise in Oil & Gas, our reputation for customer service and product performance is spreading quickly, and today we are working with an impressive portfolio of customers, in an equally impressive range of industries.

Industry Expertise

Oil & Gas

The extreme demands placed on equipment within the Oil and Gas industry require high standards of reliability, operational best practice and leading-edge technical expertise. These strict requirements make AESSEAL® the natural fit for the...

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Power Generation

The competitive – and continuing – advantage we offer Power Generation industries results from our in-house innovation and range of specific solutions. We’ve done the legwork, from R&D to manufacturing. For instance, we know the demands...

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Mining & Minerals

The mining industry presents many application challenges: a scarcity of seal water and high-pressure transport slurry pump applications require innovative solutions. AESSEAL® mining solutions are designed to handle the most arduous...

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Pulp & Paper

AESSEAL® has introduced a range of innovative, patented mechanical seal products to meet the vast range of demands of the pulp and paper and paper-recycling industries. Paper Mill We aim to design and manufacture products...

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Applications within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have traditionally been very difficult to seal. Most liquids and mediums that require sealing are corrosive and the seals are used in very arduous situations. AESSEAL®has developed...

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Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage industry requires three fundamental elements from a seal solution provider:

  • Hygienically-designed products
  • Materials conforming to the appropriate food and beverage safety standards
  • ...

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Oil production around the world is under pressure from increased demand: biofuels offer a potential solution to many of the problems associated with conventional fuels. As global markets seek alternative fuels, bio-diesel and bio-ethanol...

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Water & Waste Water

When the operation of leak-free rotating equipment is under consideration, a cost-effective solution to gland sealing must be considered and AESSEAL® has sealing technology solutions, with proven-reliability, for each stage of the process. The...

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Metal Processing

Metal Processing is the extraction of metals from their ores, modification of metals for use and combination of metals to produce specific alloys. It is often a highly arduous process, including the blast furnace, smelting and necessary...

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Increasing global demand is driving manufacturers to strive for higher quality in all aspects of automotive manufacture. AESSEAL® supplies reliable mechanical seal technology that increases uptime of pump equipment to help them achieve...

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