Sustainability, Compliance & Efficiency of Equipment Applications and Shaft Sealing Solutions

  • Complete a comprehensive evaluation of equipment and its performance by gathering essential technical, maintenance, reliability, and sensor data
  • Determine, review and recommend improvements with completed implementation strategy in accordance to reliability metrics benchmarking from the application, selection, maintenance and operational evaluation of the equipment in question
  • Refurbishment of equipment to OEM specifications and standards

Adherence to:

Industry governed and applicable international / local standards, codes and specification for:

  • Equipment: Design dimensional, construction, operation, duty, performance application, monitoring & reliability requirements
  • Regulatory requirements of health safety and environmen

Our Asset Monitoring Agreement includes:

  • Asset monitoring and data collectio
  • Managed data and analysis
  • Advanced and predictive analytics
  • Equipment performance reports and recommendations
  • OEM-recommended predictive maintenance protocols
  • Compliance of industry standard, codes and specification