The ladies at the AESSEAL Durban branch had the opportunity to go for a flip in the remarkable Oryx helicopter on the 8th of March, kindly organised by one of its employees, Megan Pieters.

Megan worked for the Air Force for 18 years, spent 5 years of the 18 at 15 Squadron in Durban, and therefore used her contacts to organise this big spoil for the ladies. The Annual Sales Team Conference was what inspired Megan to arrange this thrilling event, and aptly so, called the event the “Ladies Conference”. Every year the ladies have to keep the office running whilst the men are away for business, however, it was noted that the ladies also play a big part in the success of the business and deserved this unusual treat.

The lovely ladies included Janine Blignaut, Antoinette Coetzee, Megan Pieters, Nishana Jagadis and Rianette Louw. They went for a night flying sortie and the excitement already started on the ground as the ladies got ready for the second flight which was a hot change over. In aviation terms meaning, when the first sortie came back the aircraft was not shut down and the passengers had to get out whilst the motors are still running and the next group got in. An experience described as extremely adrenaline-charged!

The flight started at the Air Force Base (situated next to the old Durban Airport) to Umhlanga, Albert Luthuli Central Hospital and landed on the Helipad. They then flew over the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, Durban harbour and Durban Beach Front.

This was the first time, apart from for Megan that they flew in the Oryx Helicopter. It was an absolute wonderful experience for all the ladies. To add to the excitement, the sliding doors on the side of the aircraft were open at all times and the view of Durban from above with all the city lights was awe-inspiring.