Customer is King: If you’re looking to gain reliable customers, you need to create reliable Products & services!
Why base your marketing on what you think customers want when you could give them exactly what they need, so quality captured evidence (Data) will allow analysis to lead to the formulation of convincing and credible answers that are based on sound statistical and technical information!

What is data exactly? If you ask different people this question, you would get multiple answers. Typical definitions are as follows:

  • Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
  • Things known as facts, making the basis of reasoning, calculation and decision making.

By Adopting a Data Capture Strategy and utilising AES Portal-SITE SURVEY application you can deliver high quality customer data and allowing you to better understand your customer’s needs to receive more product value faster.

Data capturing through the entire “life Cycle of our PRODUCTS” (e.g. Mechanical seal) ….”That is unique”! …The collection of strategic data will increase the inherent performance level by continuous introduction of new design, product development, modifications and operating methods.”

A “Data Base Management System” which enables users to focus on the total life cycle of a customer installed base of rotating equipment.
This application provides a comprehensive basis for a structured but still a flexible site hierarchy that meets the specific operational, reporting and analysis requirements of each asset.

The software application enables users to define the process functional location and criteria on each piece of equipment installed that would allow you to record the following:

Capture and manage details about the assets installed on a site to provide complete and structured data on history, reporting, analysis, and corrective action process (e.g. Upgrades).

To understand and improve the reliability of equipment and processes on defined outages/failures & intervention methods, Site Survey will record, report and analyse events.

Lastly, quantifiable performance and reliability indicators and measurements would then be based on statistical data and full life cycle history.

International Standard for data collection principles and practices are also incorporated to facilitate with Standardisation of data-collection and exchange of information on Reliability, Maintenance & Monitoring technics across your sites.

Adopting ISO 14224(Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas Industries) principles, as a comprehensive approach for the exchange of data will:

Enable data-driven decision-making with high-quality equipment reliability data,
Enable corporate line-of-sight between equipment failure events and the bottom line,
Help companies identifying where to focus equipment reliability efforts.
Finally Data Compliance validates a computerised maintenance management information system’s planning process!
Site Survey is your application!!

Access to the AESSEAL Site Seal Survey application is via the AESSEAL Portal