AESSEAL was approached by a prominent customer in the Mining Industry, whom required our assistance and recommendation for a corrosion protection coating, to protect their thickener overflow area, and rebuild and coat the launder channel structures that were severely damaged due to the environment and general wear and tear.

The skilled and specialised Belzona team recommended Belzona 1111 Super Metal to repair and rebuild the exposed pitted holes, and then finally finish the job with Belzona 5811, which is an Immersion grade Protective Coating.

The Belzona Application Method included a number of critical steps, which ensured proper surface preparation, correct mixing ratio’s and finally, the application of the product is done in such a way to ensure long lasting durability.

The selected areas were grit blasted with platinum slag B90 to achieve the necessary standard of cleanliness and minimum depth profile of 3mils (75 microns). The blasted area was then inspected to confirm the profile required prior to the application of Belzona 1111. The Belzona 1111 Super Metal is a two component repair composite based on a ceramic steel reinforced polymer system. This fully machinable Belzona product provides a cost effective solution to a wide range of general engineering repairs.

All the large pitted holes and damaged areas to the thickener and launders was then repaired with Belzona 1111 Super Metal and brought back to profile. The repaired areas were flash blasted to remove the surface rust and swept clean of dust, after which the entire area was cleaned out with Belzona Cleaner Degreaser.

Finally, the area was coated with a standard two-coat system of Belzona 5811 Immersion Grade. This is either a brush or spray applied coating which provides outstanding protection from the effects of salt water, acid, alkalis, alcohol, hydrocarbon and the environment. This product can be applied to virtually any surface including cast iron, stainless steel, brass, and copper, concrete, wood, fibreglass and aluminium.

This recommended Belzona solution was extremely successful, and 20 months later, this particular application is still offering excellent protection from the harsh environmental elements. Furthermore, this particular project paved the way for many other similar projects (i.e. repair of floors, tank linings and tank base sealing) during 2017 and 2018.