AESSEAL Johannesburg hosted their Well-Being day on the 4th May 2017.

It was great fun! Each and every participant received a goody bag with AON information and a Nature Valley bar.

The Day was full of voluntary activities. AON Elevate provided us with the knowledge and gave us tools on how to manage your day to day stress in the workplace and at home. The big secret to overcoming stress is to; meditate…MMMM….AAAA……MMM and don’t forget to do your daily or weekly exercise.

The bottom of the story is to practice daily to manage your stress. On the other hand, stress is also good for us otherwise we did not get out of bed in the morning to come to work.

Don’t they all look stress-free to you?

The stress levels went up when we visited the nursing sisters; they provided the Health risk assessments (HRA) and HIV Counselling and Testing.

There are many reasons why organisations choose to offer health risk assessments (HRA’s) to their employees. In the main, organisations hope to:

  • a) provide individuals with the information they need to effectively manage their personal health status and make healthy lifestyle choices;
  • b) Obtain a better understanding of the collective health risks of their employee populations, allowing them to implement interventions to address unhealthy behaviours at the workplace.

Ideally, HRA’s should be conducted on a regular basis so that employers can monitor changes in their corporate health risk profile and manage that profile over time.

HRA’s can be simple or complex, but usually, entail measurement of a few key indicators:

  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Cholesterol

The brave employees took the Flu vaccines and/or the Vitamin B booster to buffer themselves for the winter months ahead.

AON Elevate provides the following products to each employee:

  • Psychosocial wellbeing (24/7/365)
  • Physical wellbeing and medical support
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Legal wellbeing

Want to access a service right away?

Call the Elevate helpline on 0860 333 311 or SMS 43798

Need more information?

Email or go to


Written by: Alicia Bouwer