AESSEAL (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce that they have broadened their business offering by entering into a new and exciting Channel Partnership with South African Compensators (Pty) Ltd. SA Compensators have been manufacturing and supplying expansion joints since 1971, with their manufacturing facilities situated in Heidelberg, South Africa.

With this new partnership, AESSEAL is now authorised to offer and sell the South African Compensators products and services, comprising of Compensators, Rubber Bellows, Steel and Fabric Bellows.

The products and service offerings to our valued customers include the following:


  • Design of expansion joints / bellows / compensators
  • The use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Site inspection surveys
  • Refurbishment of site installed expansion joints / bellows / compensators
  • Emergency repairs and replacement
  • Machining of various components including flanges
  • Pickle and passivation
  • Pre and Post-weld heat treatment
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Pressure and leak testing


  • Expansion joints (Metallic, Rubber and Fabric)
  • Economiser tubes and coils / elements

This partnership will be driven by the newly appointed Wilhelm Schäfli, a Reliability Specialist with extensive condition monitoring experience. Wilhelm additionally brings with him experience in excess of 10 years in particularly expansion joints, bellow inspections, designing and drawings.

Contact any of our branches to obtain more information regarding our service and product offerings:

Secunda: 017 631 1441
Johannesburg: 011 466 6500
Durban: 031 903 5438
Cape Town: 021 557 2464
Port Elizabeth: 082 462 1256
Richards Bay: 035 751 1356
Sasolburg: 016 971 2446