Mindful companies, acting in a sustainable fashion, focus on more than just profitability! This is exactly the driving force behind AESSEAL’s (giving) initiatives, which demonstrates its commitment to uplifting previously disadvantaged South African communities. AESSEAL believes actions speak louder than words and it directs its numerous socio-economic development (SED) initiatives at giving back to communities the hope of better prospects.

At AESSEAL, we believe that this focus, however small this may be in the overall context, improves the world around us and can only make it a better place for us all.

Amongst AESSEAL’s SED initiatives, is a 3-pronged ‘education journey’ AESSEAL walks with its chosen communities. Focus is placed on maths and literacy and creating positive, can-do attitudes. Emphasis on education means paying it forward by up skilling scarce work-place skills from grassroot beginnings.

My Maths Buddy programmes – Geared to up Maths literacy

The My Maths Buddy programme is an Education Africa initiative to achieve excellence in Maths understanding, through improved results for young South African Learners (and Maths teachers alike). This is done through focused workshops in which the user-friendly My Maths Buddy book / dictionary, and associated teaching is provided to all chosen Learners in previously disadvantaged township schools. My Maths Buddy is a fantastic tool which helps overcome problems of misunderstood mathematical words, terms and concepts and instils confidence in our young Maths learners (our future leaders!).

AESSEAL is disappointed with the current levels of Maths literacy and understanding coming out of South African schools and readily bought into the My Maths Buddy initiatives. AESSEAL provides the much needed finance to chosen schools to give these initiatives the momentum they deserve and enjoys its visits and subsequent interactions it has with the schools. Investment in My Maths Buddy has already paid dividends – for e.g., a remarkable improvement has already been realised in the Maths results coming out of Pieter Zongwane Primary School.

AESSEAL attending graduation ceremonies at Pieter Zongwane Primary School. Our Executive Director, Probeer Maloma, delighted in handing out achievement certificates to a large number of the school Maths Learners.

Learn Project Initiatives – financing brand-new school libraries, in rural areas, to enlighten young minds with the joy of reading

AESSEAL, having joined forces with The LEARN Project, were very excited to build a brand new library for Sophunga Primary School. The school, remotely located in the rolling hills of rural KZN, have never before enjoyed access to a facility, which many of us took for granted growing up.

The school library official opening was a great success with key representatives from both the Learn Foundation and AESSEAL in attendance. The launch was led by the engaging school principal, who thanked and introduced both the LEARN team and AESSEAL to the children. His talk, which embraced the joy and importance of reading, was followed by displays of traditional music and talent, beautifully played out by the schools’ children.
The children were delighted and could barely contain their enthusiasm as the bright ribbon adorning the door of their new school library was cut.

Walking in with beaming smiles, with small shoes left outside, the children made themselves at home between the newly erected book shelves, warmly designed tables, colourful cushions and an enchanting array of children books, including all the classics.

The very special (and warm) official library opening at Sophunga Primary School

AESSEAL attend the joyous occasion in the remote KZN hills during March 2017

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open” – The start of a new reading journey for these two young, bright and enthusiastic pupils.

AESSEAL in the brand new library specially financed by AESSEAL for Sophunga Primary School Learners

External Learnerships – AESSEAL jumping in to help worthy students in need

AESSEAL has been helping a bright, young business administration student, Ms. Alexa Daniels, reach her dreams. Alexa is the granddaughter of our long serving Non-executive Director, Eddie Daniels.

Alexa always wanted to be involved in business and, after completing her matric in 2014, she enrolled for a BCom degree through CTI Education Group, at their Cape Town Campus. Assisted by a full tuition bursary from the AESSEAL, Alexa has been passing her courses with flying colours, achieving many distinctions in the process, making her grandfather extremely proud!

Alexa was granted her bursary on academic merit coupled with the fact that her grandfather has been a very valued, loyal employee of AESSEAL for over 15 years. “I am so grateful to AESSEAL for their generous contribution towards my studies. They have made it possible for me to reach my goals and I hope to put back into society post my studies”, says Alexa.

The AESSEAL group expects to be providing many more bursaries for students in need in the years to come.

Alexa flanking Eddie to the left and Kelly is flanking Eddie to the right – both having their studies financed through the AES group.