Ryan Smith has been responsible for the AESSEAL Richards Bay area since 2001. It initially started with Ryan running the region from home and he slowly but surely developed the area to such an extent that the need arose to open an official branch in Richards Bay.

In 2009 when AESSEAL was first awarded the Foskor contract, they employed Peter Strydom to assist with this contract. Peter was later replaced by Martin Botes in 2014.

With more growth taking place, AESSEAL took on Catherine Ackersten, in 2015, the first lady sales representative to join AESSEAL. With the three of them working from Ryan’s home and with the constant demand to manage all the admin, stock takes and deliveries, the decision was made to generate an Internal Sales position and as such, Robyn Rhynes joined the team. With that came the requirements of obtaining appropriate premises and manage the area as a fully functional branch.

With a 180 square meters available to the new branch, they now have sufficient space for all their stock as well as a workshop to do pump and seal repairs and also some Belzona coating work.

The next step for the branch is to get them ISO compliant and add them to the SHEQ Integrated Lloyds Certification.