10 May, 2019 marked the 20th work anniversary of South Africa’s AESSEAL Director, Probeer Maloma. Probeer began his humble beginnings with the AESSEAL team back in 1999, starting out as a Stores Driver.

During his 20 years with AESSEAL, Probeer slowly but surely progressed from Stores Driver, to an Internal Sales Representative, Customer Service Manager and then finally became a Director in 2012.

Probeer mentions that during the past 20 years, many challenges have crossed his path, but he always knew that some of these challenges were the ones that built him and didn’t necessarily break him. He consequently always tried to use these challenges to his advantage and learn from it.

When asked about advice to any of the young ones just starting out, Probeer immediately mentions a few very important things. He advises that you have to know yourself and what you belief in, once you know yourself you’ll realise that honesty is extremely important, be it at work or at home. He further says that one should never go through life, expecting things to just happen overnight. Build your dream and work on reaching this dream one day at a time.

When asked about life after AESSEAL, Probeer chuckles and says he has no plans on leaving AESSEAL just yet. He enjoys what he is doing a great deal and he is fond of the AES team.

From the whole AESSEAL team, we would like to wish Probeer a very happy 20th anniversary, and we wish you another happy 20 years to come!