Author: Ruth Govender
Mandela day reminds us that each individual can create change. This is AESSEAL’s premise. The company believes in giving back to the community to improve employee morale and also to equip those with limited resources to empower themselves and to sustain constant growth. AESSEAL’s CSI projects are focused on a strong developmental approach, from early foundation to the development of young professionals.

AESSEAL has been managing a successful apprenticeship for the last five years. This equips young individuals with the necessary skills to embark in the workforce as artisans by trade.

Amongst the many other corporate social investments of AESSEAL, there has also been the Math Buddy initiative. This equips young minds with the necessary tools to get excited about maths. The online training programme also includes the advance programme in maths (AP Maths).

Too take this investment a bit further; AESSEAL took a closer look at the community, the needs and how to help elevate the youth. They found Reiger park boxing academy. Situated in Reiger park Boksburg, the coach Neville Booysen , also a former amateur boxer, has started this initiative in 2000.
The main purpose of the Boxing Academy is to occupy the young boys and girls with a sport that teaches them discipline and keep them off the streets. The neighbourhood around the academy is riddled with drug abuse and gangsterism. The coach has witnessed the benefits of amateur boxing and the positive influence it can have on the youth first hand.

The club has achieved:

  • Gauteng Champion 2004, 2005 and 2010.
  • SA Champion 2004,
  • Ekurhuleni Champion 2004,

For the coach the most rewarding part of this programme is to see the smile on the faces of the parents when they witness their children’s achievements.
However, the club have faced many uphill battles over the years with the lack of funds to get the required equipment. Since the club is funded by nothing more than the coach and fundraising this was a constant battle to keep the doors open.

AESSEAL realised the value of this academy to the community and donated the entire club with new state of the art equipment.

This was what coach Neville had to say…
We as Reiger Park Boxing Academy are very grateful to AESSEAL for the sponsorship. We have knocked on many doors for assistance without success. We are very proud of our State Of The Art gymnasium, the difference is like day and night. The coach and boxers are a lot more motivated to go to the gym. With this new look and well equipped gymnasium our intention is to achieve so much, produce more champions not just in the boxing ring but in our community. Our boxers should be role models in the community. Like the saying goes ‘The Sky Is the Limit’